Con Survival for Cosplayers: Your Cosplay Repair Kit


To kickstart my new blog, I decided to do a series in which I cover Con Survival for Cosplayers. I will be posting a new segment in this series each week throughout the fall, covering everything from cosplay repair to healthy eating during your costumed excursions to conventions.

This week, we will be covering your cosplay repair kit. This is an absolutely vital thing for all cosplayers to carry with them to cons, whether you bring a large kit or just a couple of tools. However, in the rush of packing and finishing costumes, it’s often easy to forget some of the most vital necessities to keep on hand in case of a costume malfunction.

I always start packing my repair kit a week or two before the convention. I try to throw things in there as they pop into my mind. Even if I need to fish them back out before I leave for the con (like a glue gun), it helps to begin organizing all of my repair tools in the same place.


I use a craft tool box like this one to keep my supplies tidy and easily accessible when I’m travelling and in my hotel room. I actually inherited this one from my grandmother, but you can find similar ones at craft stores and or home improvement stores. I like this one because it is small enough to fit into most suitcase or bags that I bring to conventions, and keeps my supplies easily accessible.

Your checklist is going to vary somewhat based on your specific costumes, but I have found that the following items are useful for most of the costumes I have brought to conventions. (Note: most of my costumes are handsewn, so always bring sewing supplies, but I recommend bringing some of these even if your costume has store-bought clothing parts because things tear, buttons fall off, etc.)


  • Safety pins (organized into a mini-ziplock bag)
  • Small sewing scissors
  • Straight pins (for last minute hemming, etc)
  • Sewing Needles
  • THIMBLE (Because you WILL poke your fingers more when you are stressed and hurried)
  • Thread to match your costumes
  • Extra hooks/eyes/buttons
  • Glue gun
  • Extra glue sticks (just trust me when I say to always bring more than you think you will need)
  • Duct tape
  • Cello tape
  • Oil paint pens (for prop/armor/hardware touch ups, I use Testor’s)
  • Spare worbla (note: the hairdryer in your hotel room can help re-adhere small worbla bits in a pinch, no need to bring a heat gun)
  • E6000
  • Extra velcro

This list seems long, but usually I can fit all of these items into my toolbox (except duct tape) I know that packing this for airline travel may prove a little trickier and you may not have the luxury of bringing everything (also a consideration if you don’t have the luxury of staying in a hotel attached to the convention center and your particular con doesn’t have a cosplay repair area), but a lot of these items are very small and can also easily tucked into a purse or backpack for quick access on the go. Try to think about what items are the most important in case of a costume malfunction, and bring those. For me, that’s always been a needle, thread, small scissors, safety pins, and glue gun. Also helpful are items like extra ribbon/cording (particularly for those who wear corseted costumes) and extra elastic.


At the end of the day, always hope that you won’t need any of these things while you are at the con. But after spending months making your costume, it’d be awful to not be able to wear it, or only wear it a very short time, because something went wrong that you weren’t prepared to fix.

What are your go-to cosplay repair items to bring to cons?


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