Post DragonCon Wrapup Day 0 and Day 1 (and general update)

This poor blog has been woefully neglected, but to be fair, the last few months have been very busy. After taking home a win in the needlework category at the Crown Championships of Cosplay for my Lucille Sharpe costume, I had to shift gears and finish several big costume commissions for DragonCon. In addition to that, I also spent every spare minute that I wasn’t working on commissions making my 1938 Marie Antoinette costume, so I was sewing 12-15 hours a day for most of the spring and summer. I will do a write up soon about that costume and the others that I have made over the last few months. Now, onto the event that we wait all year long for, DragonCon!


Dragon is a five day long event for us now, so this covers Day 0 and Day 1 (Wednesday and Thursday). Wednesday was a no-costume day, just a hodgepodge of running around seeing friends who were coming into town “early”, and watching the con tide come in. The photo above is from Wednesday night, which is decidedly the new Thursday.

I initially hadn’t planned on wearing a costume during the day on Thursday, but now Thursday seems to be definitively a cosplay day at the con now, so we threw on our Star Trek TOS costumes to run around in. My Bombshell Wonder Woman wig works well for vulcan hair and so I grabbed my spock ears from MadHouse FX and put together a retro vulcan look while my husband debuted his new Captain Kirk costume. I even accomplished a weird goal, which was to go to the Polaris (the amazingly cool 1960s space-ship shaped restaurant atop the Hyatt) in my 1960s Trek gear. I have weird life goals. Being the only people in our dinner group in costume (and the only people in costume in the whole place), we got some really weird looks and raised brows (which for Thursday night of DragonCon on actual con turf seemed mildly unwarranted, but there seemed to be a number of people there who erroneously thought they could flee the incoming nerd congregation by retreating to the classy blue domed space ship), but the older I get the less I care. I’m in love with the space-age aesthetic of the Hyatt in general, so naturally we also had to get a badly lit photo taken in front of the Hyatt warp core.


IMG_20170831_181707aI also got to see one of my lovely clients debut the Padme lake gown that I made for her earlier this year. This costume was a beast to make and as with everything else, deserves a blog post of its very own. I am happy it turned out so well and I was very proud how amazingly she pulled it all together. It was a fantastic costume choice for her and she stopped the floor, which any cosplayer knows is a win at DragonCon.

On Thursday night of the con I debuted a new costume that has been on my wishlist for a long time now, Kira from Xanadu. I didn’t expect anyone to know what it was, and most people didn’t, but I still loved wearing it and roller skating around the con. In the future, though, I might wear it on Wednesday night of the con instead since Thursday has gotten to be so crowded. I’m fine on roller skates (credited to over 10 years of figure skating as a kid), but drunk people pushing past me add in a whole new challenge.


Don’t worry, I did have a change of boots for Kira, and we ended up the evening dancing at the 8-Bit Ball. That’s it for Days 0 and 1. Stay tuned for Day 2 of DragonCon!


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