DragonCon Day 2, 3, & 4

Friday at DragonCon started out pretty relaxed. We decided to wear our Crimson Peak costumes during the day. I remade the underskirt last spring for the Crown Championships, but left it at home this time because I feel that DragonCon is getting to be less and less safe for big or fragile costumes, even during what used to be traditionally slower times like Friday morning. I wore the old underskirt with the costume, got stepped on by daytime drunk people, and didn’t really care.

More people recognized our costumes this year, thanks to it frequent airings of Crimson Peak on HBO as well as more people people recognizing it from social media.  I am a little disappointed, however, that I didn’t see a single other Crimson Peak costume during the weekend. Usually we run into at least one Edith. I didn’t really get any photos other than selfies while we were in these, since I already have professional shots of them from past cons.



Later in the day, I debuted my 1938 Marie Antoinette on Friday night for the Friday Night Costuming Contest. Wearing a new costume for the first time is always a little anxiety-inducing, especially when you are competing with it. Getting to and from locations while trying to minimize damage involves a lot of pre-planning and strategy. The base of my skirts top out at around 7 feet wide, which made getting around the con a little interesting, which I had obviously planned for and expected.  Walking in this costume is actually super easy, as it doesn’t really weigh all that much, it’s just super wide. But I think it was worth the stress, because I was really happy with how excited people were to see it. I expected that most people would figure out that it was Marie Antoinette based on the wig and the grande panniers, but surprisingly, a few people even came up to me and said something to the effect of “Norma Shearer? The 1930’s movie Marie Antoinette?” so I was quite happy that I wasn’t the only classic film lover at the con. I would really love to see a classic film track at DragonCon and I know there are others that would appreciate it too, but am too busy to get involved in trying to help something like that happen at the present.

I got to spend the evening hanging with my friends at the FNCC and I didn’t fall on my face getting up the ramp to the stage. (yeah I’m looking at you, MegaCon…) The rest of the evening ended up just being a whirlwind. As soon as the contest was over, I hightailed it back to the room and changed into Muggle-wear before heading back out to spend the evening catching up with friends.

Saturday at DragonCon has become more of a low-key con day for us than it used to be. It is sadly no longer a good day for costumers to exhibit their best big costumes due to the crowd crush. Neverminding the risk of damage due to the crowds, it’s too crowded for people to actually be able to see and appreciate detailed costumes unless they are larger than life and can stand above the crowds.

Since there was a DC Bombshells meetup that day, I decided it was a good day for Bombshell Wonder Woman. It was nice wearing something that I didn’t have to worry about being damaged or crushed, and I had a great time meeting other Bombshell costumers at the gathering.

On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of appearing at DragonCon’s Night at the Aquarium as a guest judge for finalists in The Chosen costume contest. It was an interesting experience, though I still find “cold-judging” (relying solely on a stage walk-across, rather than being able to pre-judge) difficult on many levels

Photo credit @sewcialistrevolution


Our Best in Show at The Chosen went to talented artist and craftsperson @nina_london_cosplay, who turned out a beautiful, intricately detailed costume.

On Sunday I participated in one of my personal favorite DragonCon events, the Vintage Vogue Fashion Show. This was my third year participating in the show, and part of the reason I made 1938 Marie Antoinette was actually to be able to exhibit it at this event. The Vintage Vogue really speaks to my aesthetic, since the majority of the costumes I make are historically themed. Getting to the venue was a little tricky, since we had to take some pretty crowded city sideways to get there (and yes, there was a disaster involving my wig and a tree. RIP wig.), but as always it was well worth it. If you were in the audience, thank you for being there. The VVFS audience is the best audience.

The rest of the day Sunday was a chill day and I made a point to have no concrete plans, so I ran around in Vanessa Ives (hubby cobbled together a makeshift Victor Frankenstein with morphine makeup), drank a lot of coffee, saw people, and enjoyed the con. It’s funny because we are often misidentified as Penny Dreadful when we wear our Crimson Peak costumes, but almost no one recognizes when we are actually wearing Penny Dreadful costumes.

That’s about it for my post DragonCon wrapup. I will try to be better about blogging in the coming months, since I have some pretty exciting costuming plans in the works (I hope you like Victorian things) and will be taking on fewer commissions in the upcoming year.




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