sschambach1aI have been creating costumes since I was 16 years old, after deciding that I wanted a 16th century costume to wear to the Renaissance Faire with my friends. That first costume was not exactly stellar, but it was the beginning of what was to become a lifelong obsession. I would go on to create costumes for student theatre productions as a student at my alma mater, the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. I also designed and made costumes for a number of student short films, before finding my “home” in the cosplay community where my nerdiness can run rampant.

Every costume is a new learning experience, and through this blog I hope I can help others find their happy place in costuming!

Please contact me directly for convention bookings. I am a craftsmanship oriented maker, and I offer several costume, sewing, and craftsmanship related panels. If you would like to see me at your local convention, please suggest me as a guest!


  • 2017 Crown Championships of Cosplay – 1st Place Needlework, 2nd Place Overall Local Qualifier
  • 2o16 CONJuration – Best in Show
  • 2016 DragonCon’s The Chosen – Best in Show
  • 2016 DragonCon Friday Night Costume Contest – Best Journeyman
  • 2016 MegaCon Costume Contest – Best Technical Accomplishment
  • 2016 Connooga Costume Contest – Best Advanced Category


  • Cosplay Culture Magazine – June 2017
  • Cosplay Culture Magazine – August 2016 (interview)