Lucille Sharpe (Crimson Peak)

Lucille Sharpe Cosplay
“Crimson Peak”

Costume Designed by Kate Hawley

Costume Made by Lunar Rose Costuming & Cosplay

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(Above) Photos by Matthew Sperzel Photography

This costume is a completely handmade rendering of Lucille Sharpe’s gown from the Guillermo Del Toro’s gothic film “Crimson Peak”. This costume took around 7 months and 700 hours start to finish to complete due to all of the handmade trimmings and a large portion being stitched by hand, not machine. Inspired by 1880s natural form fashion complete with handmade corset, natural form hoops, and petticoats, the gown features 26 yards of hand-dyed silk, 80 handmade oak leaf appliques, over 200 handmade beads, nearly 60 hand sculpted acorns, and over 100 handmade tassels. The costume is accessorized with all handmade jewelry, handmade shoe covers, screen accurate candelabra, and a custom styled wig

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