Nerdanel Cosplay – The Silmarillion

Nerdanel Cosplay from The Silmarillion

Original Costume Design by Lunar Rose Costuming & Cosplay

Nerdanel is one of my favorite characters from JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. This interpretation is my original design. Many Nerdanel costumes I’ve seen are more inspired by her intellect and her role as mother, but I chose to be inspired more by the end of her story as it is told in the book. Nerdanel leaves Feanor behind for Valinor with no insight as to whether or not they were ever reunited, so I designed this to represent a kind of Elvish mourning gown.

The gown is entirely hand-draped from silk habotai that was hand dyed dark blue. The sleeves and skirt/train were then ombre dyed black. The back of the bodice features of dozens of tiny pleats from shoulder to waist.

The belt is made of hand cut vinyl.

The plan was to build on this costume and add more parts to it, but this costume garnered something of a strange response amongst the Tolkien community, so I got really discouraged about continuing with it. Perhaps one day I will feel like revisiting Nerdanel.

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