Outlander Cosplay

Claire Fraser and Jamie Fraser


Costume Design: Terry Dresbach

Costume Maker: Lunar Rose Costuming & Cosplay



My Claire Fraser Cosplay was self-patterned and handmade from brown wool coating and lightweight teal wool. The outfit has a complete set of handmade 18th century undergarments, including stays, bum roll, shift, and multiple petticoats (normally worn with 2-3 depending on the season), also all self-patterned. The knitted gauntlets and capelet were commissioned and handmade by my friend Wry Goods.

Jamie Fraser’s costume comprises of a self-drafted white shirt, a waistcoat made of hand-dyed linen, and tartan great kilt made from a generic tartan that I washed in brown dye to tone down the colors. The waist coat is made from Simplicity 4923, however it had to be modified (including the addition of back lacings). The buttons used are actual antique bone buttons from my personal collection – a perfect excuse to finally find a use for them. This costume is still somewhat a work in progress and still needs more accessorizing to be more accurate.

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