Tauriel Cosplay

Tauriel Costume

Photos by Zippy’s Ventures

Tauriel was my first full-fledged “cosplay”. I’ve made many costumes over the years, but I didn’t discover cosplay until I attended my first DragonCon in 2013. I decided then in there that I would be back in 2014 with a full cosplay. That was to become Tauriel.

Tauriel began taking form in March of 2014 and has had several pieces reworked and replaced since then. Every single piece of this costume was hand-patterned from the ground up. I hand-dyed secondhand suede for the doublet myself, and hand-dyed raw silk for the overdress. The upgraded brown corset, belt, and bracers are also hand-dyed and hand-tooled with my own design. The leggings are also my own pattern, and made from stretch faux leather.

The boots have been heavily modified with braided vinyl detailing. The knives are made from plywood cut with a jigsaw and hand-sanded into the desired blade shape. The handles are sculpted and detailed with apoxy sculpt. Everything is hand-painted.

This costume (paired with my Thranduil) won Best Advanced Class at ConNooga 2016 and Best in Show at DragonCon’s “The Chosen” costume contest.


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