Thranduil’s Armor (The Hobbit)

Battle of the Five Armies Armor and Costume

Thranduil Armor, photo by Zippy’s Ventures

This costume is comprised of armor made from a combination of black worbla and traditional worbla. Initially the entire armor was built from traditional worbla, but black worbla was released within weeks of when I finished this costume, and I found it was much better suited to the sleek metallic look it needed. All of the detail work is also made with worbla. Everything is foam-backed. All parts are self-patterned.

The pewter grey coat was made from the same pattern I created for DoS Thranduil’s coat but modified to knee length. It closes up the front with hooks and eyes. The trousers are made of black velveteen, and he wears his pewter DoS Thranduil boots with the costume.

The swords are made from oak cut with a jigsaw and belt sanded to a dull blade, while the handles and all scroll work were done with Apoxy Sculpt.

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